Interactive documentary about a 1997 murder of a New York City schoolteacher. Responsible for principal photography, editing, postproduction and musical score. Co-produced with Shaminder Dulai, and published in partnership with Verse. Six photos in print.
published 02.11.16, for Newsweek
Short documentary on a 12-year-old guitar virtuoso and the star of School of Rock on Broadway. Reporting, writing, photography, videography, editing.
published 12.12.15, for Newsweek
Video reporting to accompany a longform feature story on New York's hidden slave-trading, and freedom-seeking, history. Nine photographs printed in the April 24, 2015 issue of Newsweek.
printed in the 04.24.15 issue of Newsweek
Profile of Chuck Stewart, prolific music photographer and the only photographer present at the "A Love Supreme" recording sessions. Writing, video and photography credit.
published 03.01.15, for Newsweek
Article and video on growing community of lunchtime dance parties across New York City. Shooting, editing and writing credits.
published 09.19.12 for NY Daily News
Spot news story on a rally in support of Trayvon Martin and his family, during the first wave of press coverage surrounding the shooting of the Florida teen, prior to the arrest of George Zimmerman. Video and writing credits.
published 03.22.12, for TIME
Reporting on a roommate-finding event's arrival in New York City. Video and writing credits. "Success story" re-reported by CBS News.
published 02.28.12, for TIME
Video reporting on the conclusion of a man's New Year's resolution to eat 2,011 chicken wings by the end of 2011. Camera/Editing credits. Video re-broadcast during a segment on the Canadian Broadcasting Channel.
published 12.30.11, for TIME
Feature story on South Africa's endangered Wild Dogs, funded by the Eric Lund Global Reporting Grant. Winner, SPJ Mark of Excellence Award for Online Feature Reporting. Photo, video, and writing credits.
published 12.18.10, for GlobalPost
Enterprise story about an informal trader outside of Johannesburg's Soccer City stadium, where he was prevented from doing business during the 2010 World Cup.
published 06.09.10, for TimesLIVE