Short documentary on a 12-year-old guitar virtuoso and the star of School of Rock on Broadway. Reporting, writing, photography, videography, editing.
published 12.12.15, for Newsweek
Profile of Chuck Stewart, prolific music photographer and the only photographer present at the "A Love Supreme" recording sessions. Writing, video and photography credit.
published 03.01.15, for Newsweek
Feature and review of neo-soul artist D'Angelo's Black Messiah, his long-anticipated third album, fourteen years in the making.
published 12.16.14, for Newsweek
Analysis of the symbols arising from the events in Ferguson, Mo., and Hong Kong, and the way news coverage shapes a protest.
published 10.12.14, for Newsweek
Reportage on the 3rd Annual Cameltonian and Ostrich Derby at the Meadowlands Racetrack in Rutherford, N.J. Writing and photography.
published 7.22.14 for The Awl
Feature on an Israeli partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project to launch a new PTSD telephone help line. Reporting and writing credit.
printed 3.7.14 in The Forward
A look into the cultural implications of Spalding's music, in light of her tour in support of Radio Music Society.
published 05.01.12, for TIME
A look at censorship and reporting after Pearl Harbor. Part of a package that was's lede story, was picked up by and received over 383,000 page views.
published 12.07.11, for
A photographer's exploration of Islamophobia in the American Midwest and abroad in England. Reporting, writing, and photo editing credits. Featured in the print edition of TIME.
published 12.01.11, for LightBox
Feature story on South Africa's endangered Wild Dogs, funded by the Eric Lund Global Reporting Grant. Winner, SPJ Mark of Excellence Award for Online Feature Reporting. Photo, video, and writing credits.
published 12.18.10, for GlobalPost